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Evolution of icons!

Once upon a time, desktop icons used to be in 16 colours, and no bigger than 32x32 pixels, just like in Windows 3.11 if you still remember...

Then colours became 256, and things have become more advanced and slightly prettier, just like when we started to use Win'95 and Win'98 if you still remember...

Then came the XP and a new horizon has expanded. For the first time we saw the alpha channel in icons (semi transparent pixels)... We, not only became able to make icons with full RGB colours, but also we can drop a shadow! 3D icons became real, and now all our icons look like plastic toys with a drop-shadow effect, if you still remember...

Now the millennium has spoken: This is the era of 3D glossy icons. Websites have changed and now they became interactive. Graphics developed and skills are screaming: I can do it! Everything that used to be plastic has become glossy like glass! Even Windows Vista / 7 themselves became like that all over... This is the era of perfection and sophistication!

Eventually we went into the simplest once again, for it is smaller in file size, doable through glyphicons (icon fonts), SVG and even CSS, and not to mention how sophisticated this style looks. Welcome to the flat world...

Along the way there have been other styles that reflect new ideas and sometimes fantastic art.

Then, for the sake of even lighter page loading, and easier access of icons, the wing-dings became more and more custom, and we started using the Glyphicons. Check these icons out, they are characters we put in a font (only 5 character sample).

1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5

You may download this experimental font from here. We made it as only a test, therefor if you install it, you may obtain those icons by typing the numbers 1 to 5, or the letters A to E, lower or uppercase.

Then came a genius and invented composing icons using pure CSS. This method is much harder though for it's purely drawing using codes. The hardest part is to make those icons responsive (relative to the page width). We consider it one of the worst methods due to the load on the processor and browser when they are too many, but we demonstrate how we can achieve them:

Note: In some browsers these icons will not appear properly

Samples of previous work

Customized icons for special applications.